Sunday, 16 June 2013

Windows Phone 8 Development and Environment Settings

Summarizing from the scratch

  • Download & install Visual Studio express version click here or purchase any affordable version if you are a student may you have DreamSpark account please download from the software catalogue.
  • Now download windows phone 8 SDK and install it.
  • Enable Hyper-V from the control panel. 

To find out hardware requirements before starting development for windows phone 8 or 7.x please download careinfo utility click here to download

Unzip the downloaded file. Now open command prompt on administrative privileges type command “careinfo –v” if there is sign of (*) after EPT you can do development with the current machine or if not please think to buy new :). 

Usually core i3, i5, i7, i9 or Sandybridge , Nehalem, Westmare base CPU architecture support SLAT(Second Level Address Translation) requires for windows phone emulator to run apps. Windows 8 should be 64-bit (x64) architecture.
Now download Windows Phone 8 SDK from here 

it’s free no login required and install it. Windows 8 phone doesn’t required zune software it does support USB only but if you are developing Windows 7.x Phone application. It requires supportive application find link here to download  click here .
Windows phone emulator run with HYPER-V you can install it from Control Panel, Programs, and Turn Windows feature on or off. 

If you are facing problems search for the solution on different forums like Windows Phone Dev and Stack Overflow