Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bulk IIS Bindings using CMD

How to add Sub Domain in Internet information System through command line. Please find out below code which I have tested. You can enter bulk entries for multiple countries sub domains like

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set site /"" /+bindings.[protocol='http',bindinginformation='*']

  •  /"" here is exactly the IIS Site name where your website/web application hosted. 
  • /+bindings  '+' Sign use to add some thing
  •  /+bindings  '-' Minus sign use to remove entry if exist.
  • protocol='http'  for http only and for SSL you can use protocol='https' this will change port from 80 to 443.

Without using the binding entries you just have to follows these steps

  1. Open IIS Server 
  2. Click on Sites left Panel and then click on or your website.
  3. Click on bindings in right panel
  4. Click on Add button in Site Bindings
  5. Now right sub domain in Host Name e.g. 

It is easy to work through visual but as you have required to enter bulk entries then it will be difficult for you to manage it.

Give me feedback on this if have any other idea for bulk entires.